Asset Integrity Supervisor

Company Name:
This position's primary role is to develop and implement assigned Asset Integrity Program(s). Execute documented processes to ensure mechanical soundness and operational reliability of facilities/systems. Process executive includes facility operational knowledge, recognition of threats to the asset, methods to prioritize assessments, assessment methodology, assessment response strategies, risk recognition/management, reassessment interval determination. Continual improvement of processes, including recognition of process deficiencies and program evaluation is required. Along with required technical skills/knowledge, strong interpersonal skills are required to interact with operational/maintenance personnel and various contractor personnel. Facilitate meetings with Company and Contractor SME's to identify methods to manage risk to assigned facilities/systems.

Essential tasks include but are not limited to:

Assists with development and maintenance of the Asset Integrity Program Manual processes and procedures.
Develop and maintains assigned facility/system descriptions, updates drawings as required. Monitors Management of Change System for relevant changes to assigned facilities/systems.
Segment and group assets into logical divisions with like characteristics.
Identify threats to the asset and facilities discussions with operations/maintenance personnel to validate assumptions.
Conduct facility assessment to identify, tag and catalog assets. Maintain catalog datasheet as required.
Prioritize field assessment activities based on information gathered during threat assessment discussions and facility assessment. Develop annual budget proposal for field assessment activity.
Develop assessment plans, identify assessment methods and OQ tasks, monitor assessment progress, integrate assessment data and evaluate to determine if risks are occurring to the assets.
Initiate repair process if required, determine (along with appropriate personnel), if additional preventive and mitigating measures are needed to protect the asset.
Based on assessment data and preventive and mitigating measures employed, determine interval to conduct reassessment of the asset.
Manage appropriate records developed for the program per LOOP LLC policies.
Develop appropriate program evaluation metrics and create annual summary to describe program successes, areas for improvements and future plans.
Maintain required training and certification(s) according to LOOP and OSHA Standards.
Technical representative for LOOP on Regulatory Audits.
Maintains up-to-date knowledge of and strictly adheres to LOOP LLC safety requirements.


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree in engineering discipline such as Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical or Mechanical required. Alternate education plus experience may be submitted for review.
Minimum of ten (10) years' experience as an mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, or project engineer or Asset Integrity Manager either in design and construction of major marine, liquid pipeline and oil movement systems, or engineering management with demonstrated proficiency troubleshooting and failure analysis within an energy related industry with experience in support of construction and maintenance projects within an operating energy production, transportation or processing asset.
State of Louisiana Professional Engineer or exam eligible with LAPELS & NCEES within one (1) year of employment preferred.
Minimum of five (5) years' supervisor experience preferred. Supervises and provides technical guidance to Corrosion Engineer and Corrosion Technicians.
Ability to relay logic and how to read control schematics.
Knowledge of crude oil pipeline and meter systems is a plus.
Must be able to read, analyze and interpret common scientific and technical journals.
Ability to read and interpret maintenance instructions, procedure manuals, and regulations is required.
Ability to demonstrate and interpret measures taken for documentation and to effectively present information to management, public groups, and/or Owner Representatives.
Excellent verbal and written communications.

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